Enjoy Your Vacation In Iowa City While Visiting These Top Attractions

You’re about to take a closer look at Iowa City IA, and you and yours are going to have a great vacation. Plan as many stops as you can so that you get to see all of the history there. It’s going to be a lot of fun, and there are plenty of wonderful attractions to stop by in the area. The following is a short list of places that you might want to visit as you take a look around.

How about a trip to The Museum of Natural History? As mentioned, there’s a lot of history to see in this city, so this would make for a nice stop. You’re going to find this museum at Macbride Hall, which is located on the campus of The University of Iowa. While there is said to be a limited number of exhibits there, it’s a great quick stop without having to spend hours browsing a museum. Plus, you’re right there on the campus, which is an attraction in and of itself.

You’re also right by the Old Capitol Building, which is another listed attraction. Next up is Wilson Orchard, which is located at 2924 Orchard Lane NE. Are you ready to eat some fresh apples? How about an apple cider slushy? That sounds fabulous, doesn’t it? This orchard is said to be beautiful, and by the way, you can enjoy an apple turnover along with that slushy, too. Locals and people that live nearby have been visiting this orchard for years.

This next place of interest is a landmark site. It’s the Mormon Handcart Site. It’s an intriguing piece of history in the area that will show you what it was like when the Mormons made their trek across the land with wagon carts. People say that the site is well thought out and is beautifully displayed.

Then there is the Iowa Avenue Literary Walk. You’re looking from Iowa Avenue of course, and the walk stretches from Clinton Street on down to Gilbert Street. It’s all about the celebration of key literary figures in history. There is a bookstore you might want to visit, too, and there you will also find a guide to the literary walk to make it more fun.

These Iowa City attractions are going to show you around what used to be the capital city. Stop on by Coralville, too, and other surrounding cities if you can while there. Here’s to a wonderful vacation in Iowa City, Iowa.